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Far West MOJO Documentary Launch

On the evening of the 4th of March 2015 in Ceduna, South Australia the Far West MOJO documentary was launched, in front of a “sell out “crowd of Mojos and their families, the local member, the Mayor, stakeholders and friends Red Cross officially launched the documentary of our Far West  MOJO Program.

A 100+  all ages crowd at the Aboriginal Sporting Complex, viewed the first public screening of both the documentary and a series of short films exploring aspects of life on the Far West  Coast.

The Mojo’s were so proud of their work and the room was filled with smiling faces and warm hearts as the whole community took pride in the achievements  of the  individuals , family ,culture, community and the region.  As one of the local councillors said, “Anything that can make so many people smile has got to be a good thing”.